About Wayne Hoffman

Wayne Hoffman is one of Idaho’s leading experts on public policy, the Idaho Legislature and the practice of journalism. Hoffman has spent 25 years writing about government and politicians. He writes a weekly column, found in newspapers and on websites throughout Idaho, and is often invited to speak on complex issues including taxation, health care, free markets and education. Throughout his years in the news business, Wayne won numerous awards for investigative and political journalism. During his years of covering the state legislature, governor’s office and state agencies, Wayne often exposed government waste, failed government programs and politicians whose voting records were inconsistent with their rhetoric. After leaving the news business in 2005, Wayne became the special assistant to the director of the state Department of Agriculture. In 2006, he managed the communications efforts of several successful political campaigns and became the communications director for Congressman Bill Sali. Wayne lives in Nampa with his two children. Wayne has been at the helm of Idaho Freedom Foundation since the organization launched in January 2009. Email: [email protected]

Labor unions, environmentalists meddle in GOP primary with con job

Labor union bosses and radical environmentalists have been unable to convince Idahoans to support their liberal agenda. So, they are now masquerading as conservative Republicans in their attempt to turn voters to favor the most [...]

Little floats tax increase in gubernatorial debate

Lt. Gov. Brad Little made it known during the final Republican gubernatorial debate held days ago: If he’s elected, he’s probably gonna raise your taxes. Credit Little for honesty, though it is a stunning admission [...]

Little and Malek: Candidates distort their own records to attract conservatives

Two Idaho candidates, Lt. Gov. Brad Little and state Rep. Luke Malek, take the prize for political misdirection and distortion. Each candidate is carefully constructing a political narrative he believes will win over voters in [...]

Little’s office budget is no indicator of a fiscal conservative

A central theme in Republican Brad Little’s campaign for governor is that he’s a pro at slashing budgets. In a TV ad Little says: "As your lieutenant governor I cut my budget every year, saving [...]

IFF counsels candidates and their allies to use Freedom Index scores accurately

Dear Idaho voters: Well, it’s that time of year again. Candidates are out in force, trying to win your support as part of the 2018 election cycle. We’re glad that candidates and voters are using [...]

Gov candidates: Marijuana bad; two candidates support CBD oil legalization

Two of the leading Republican gubernatorial candidates say they’re willing to allow the legal possession of CBD oil, a marijuana extract. A third candidate says he’ll only support a government-sanctioned pharmaceutical version. None of the [...]